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Peter Thomas Roth

Blemish Buffing Beads

228.00 NIS

Recommended for Oily/Acnetic Skin
An ultra gentle, anti-acne scrub that may be used on the face and body for the treatment and control of acne. Salicylic Acid clears up acne blemishes while a Glycolic Acid complex and oil-absorbing ingredients help produce flawless, clear skin. Soft, ultra-fine Jojoba Beads work in two ways: first by gently exfoliating dead surface skin cells, and second by manually exfoliating the skin's surface to clean out pores.
Using a small amount on the fingertips, add water and gently exfoliate the face, chest and body. Excellent for daily use or use as often as needed. Rinse thoroughly.
*Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
*Recommended to use sunscreen with use of this product.
*Recommended to consult with a skincare expert before use.
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