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Vitamin C+ Anti Aging Booster

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Recommended for Anti Aging
The anti ageing power lies in pure vitamin C, essential for creating skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing collagen. Vitamin C exfoliates to help restore luminosity while protecting skin from aging free radicals. Plus, patented Aceta-C improves the effectiveness of vitamin C and targets melanin and brown spots to brighten discolourations.
How to Use
Discard bottle cap. Replace with dispensing cap and tightly close. Mix a few shakes or up to 1/2 scoop of this powder in the palm of your hand with your moisturizer or serum, just before application. Smooth mixture on clean face and neck. Can be used once or twice a day as desired. Use less powder if skin feels sensitive.
*Recommended to consult with a skincare expert before use.
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